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What To Expect From Your Beginner Guitar Lessons

We get it! When you first embark on your journey of learning how to play the guitar, you may be filled with so much excitement that you simply can’t wait to start playing. Like most experiences though, the journey is worth savouring, and our team here at Auckland Guitar Studio want to remind you of some essentials before you get started.


Tips For Anyone With Small Hands Taking Guitar Lessons In Auckland

A common complaint amongst young people and adults with small hands is that they have trouble learning to play the guitar. Trying to play the guitar can be frustrating, especially if you find that you can’t quite reach the right finger placement. Don’t worry! Having smaller hands isn’t going to keep you from becoming a guitar pro, so long as you try some top tips from Auckland Guitar Studio. Our guitar lessons in Auckland will have you strumming like a professional in no time.


How to Stay Motivated to Keep Practicing Guitar

It can be a very exciting time when you buy your first guitar and decide that you want to learn how to play this incredible instrument. But depending on your past musical experience, dedication to the instrument, and your natural musical ear, learning to play the guitar can be very challenging, and it can be difficult to keep your motivation levels up.