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It can be a very exciting time when you buy your first guitar and decide that you want to learn how to play this incredible instrument. But depending on your past musical experience, dedication to the instrument, and your natural musical ear, learning to play the guitar can be very challenging, and it can be difficult to keep your motivation levels up.

It is definitely worthwhile to stick at it when it comes to learning guitar, so let’s look at a few ways in which you could keep your motivation up!

Set Some Goals

Take some time to write down some short-term and long-term goals associated with your guitar journey so that you can work towards these goals.

Reward Yourself As You Progress

Each time you reach a goal, you should reward yourself, even if it is something small. Celebrating your small victories will keep you on the right path.

Stay Interested

Try to motivate yourself to stay interested by being aware of your mindset and stimulating your curiosity when it comes to guitar.

Make Friends With other people Learning Guitar

By making friends with others that are learning guitar, you can chat about your process and even practice together.

Go to Guitar Lessons

Going to weekly guitar lessons is one way to really hold yourself accountable and receive instruction from a professional, ensuring that you progress without picking up any bad habits.

Watch Talented Musicians Play

Watching talented musicians play, either online or in person, you can get very inspired and even pick up on some interesting techniques. It is always good to have a guitar role model that you look up to and would love to emulate.

Listening to bands that you love is also a great way to keep you inspired to keep honing your skill.

Keep Your Guitar Nearby

Don’t shove your guitar in some out of the way closet. Keep it somewhere where you can see it. This will encourage you to play more and remind you to practice. Keeping your guitar tuned is also a good idea for easy access to practice.

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