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A common complaint amongst young people and adults with small hands is that they have trouble learning to play the guitar. Trying to play the guitar can be frustrating, especially if you find that you can’t quite reach the right finger placement. Don’t worry! Having smaller hands isn’t going to keep you from becoming a guitar pro, so long as you try some top tips from Auckland Guitar Studio. Our guitar lessons in Auckland will have you strumming like a professional in no time.

First Step: Choosing The Right Guitar

If you have smaller hands, avoid guitars with broad necks. Instead, opt for a narrow neck guitar for a more comfortable and natural feeling when you’re playing. There are even short-scale length guitar models to choose from, making it even easier for you to play.

Don’t Let Your Thumb Get Lazy

Make sure you put your thumb into the right position and don’t let it become slack when playing individual lines or chords. Use your thumb as a guide by placing it directly under the fretboard as you play.

Finger Stretches Work Wonders

Anyone playing the guitar can profit from finger stretches, no matter the size of their hands. Stretching before you play and even doing exercises to help increase your span on the fretboard will make a noticeable difference. Be sure to warm up your fingers with some simple finger stretches or use a finger expansion device. Using your index finger, play an F (first fret) on the low E string, followed by a G# (fourth fret) either on your ring or pinky finger ‒ whichever feels more comfortable. Practice this pattern to strengthen those digits.

If you’re looking for guitar lessons in Auckland, look no further. At Auckland Guitar Studio, we offer a variety of lessons that suit each student’s interests and abilities. Whatever your musical background, we ensure you’re well served. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the music industry for a while and are looking for something more, we have you covered. To get in touch, fill out our online form or make a booking for your free intro guitar lesson online at your convenience!